• Stress-Free Content Curation and Creation

    Need some help creating, curating and reviewing your social media and online content? I can help!

    Email rebecca.stanisic@gmail.com for more info or find me on social media @bitofmomsense


Content Planning (one-on-one)

Ready to review your current content and make a real plan? Working one-on-one, I help bloggers and small business owners understand how to create and curate engaging, relevant content that will help their business and reduce their stress. 


Social Media Review and Recommendations

Want to know what's working with your social media and areas that you can improve on? A social media review and recommendation report will give you the tools and direction you need to make your social media more relevant and engaging. 


Workshops - Customized

Customized group workshops are available. Learn about social media and content creation in a group setting.